Background Checks

Techwarrior Business Offers Background Checks in conjunction with our partners at Access Profiles



-Criminal Record (per locality) (additional access fees may apply)

-Local                                                                             $20.00

-County                                                                          $25.00

-State                                                                              $30.00*

-Federal (by district only)                                                $35.00*

-additional name (each)                                                    $5.00*


-Civil Record (per county or district) (additional access fees may apply)

-County                                                                         $25.00

-Federal  (by district only)                                              $30.00

-Landlord/Tenant                                                            $25.00

-additional name (each)                                                     $5.00*


-Education (additional access fees may apply)

-Academic Credentials (per school)                                 $25.00*

-Honors and Awards (per honor or award)                       $25.00*

-Professional License (per License)                                 $25.00*

-Transcripts (per school, plus applicable fees)                  $25.00*


-Employment Verification (per employer, additional access       $25.00*

fees may apply)


  • Reference Verification (each) $30.00


- Address Search (per address)                                                  $15.00


-Motor Vehicle Record (per state including applicable fees)       $30.00


-Social Security Number Verification                                       $25.00


-Government Blocked Persons List (SDN)                                $25.00


-Social Media Investigation                                                      $60.00/hr.

(no passwords will be requested from subject of search)


-Resume Check

Basic - verifying education & dates/titles of employment $70.00

(one degree, 2 employments - additional available at

prices listed above)


Advanced - basic + criminal & civil record check            $110.00

(one county - additional available at prices listed above)

Additional verifications available at prices listed above


*Additional fees may apply if API is charged to access this information by the courts, companies, or educational institutions contacted for verification purposes.   If extraordinary costs arise in connection with the above, such cost shall be identified by API for client approval prior to performance. Local, county, state, and federal access fees, automated work numbers used on employment verifications, and any international or extenuating phone charges associated with the above mentioned checks are not considered extraordinary costs.